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I am not dead! Just planning a wedding...which has eaten my life. Why, oh why did I think making all of my flowers by hand out of paper was a good idea...oh yes, because the finished products are lovely and it is still cheaper than an actual flower budger.

Also, Ryan and I are planning on doing our vows as a children's book about the love of Ryan Rex and Katie Cat and that's been taking up a lot of time.

I just realized I haven't posted in almost three months. And haven't commented on anyone's journal for longer. I just wish to say, I AM reading, just not processing like a normally do. I am simultaneously very, very excited about this wedding, dreading it, and looking forward to it being over.

It is spring again. The earth is like a child that knows poems by heart

It's Spring! Glorious and beautiful with sun and trees blooming in frothy, pastel colors like nature's decreed everything to be covered in lace.  I love it. It smells like earth warmed with light.

Also, my gooseberry bushes survived the winter! And have flowers, which means I shall get fruit this year! Yay! I have forgotten what color I ordered, but I am hoping it was purple. I have long coveted gooseberries. When I was little, one of my favorite paintings in the Cleveland Museum of Art was a small one of incredible looking berries. They were full of light and striped and I thought they must have been made up. (At the time I did not realize that they, duh, were in the room with all the Dutch paintings and all the super, super awesome food porn pictures from the era...so ergo, they must by hyper-real) so imagine my delight when I found out that not only was it a real berry, but it was something that I could grow!

And lastly, as spring produce comes into season and I have to use up my winter squash, I have been making a lot of this excellent stew in my crockpot. So tasty.


I have joined Weight Watchers and have really, really been trying to stick with it and eat healthier and control my portion size and all the jazz....but I am an emotional eater...and the last few weeks between a new bout of depression, some sort of gross gastro-intestinal bug, and the awfulness of current news events, I've just wanted junk. So much junk.

So I saw this reciped for what is being called Dunkaroo Dip (holy shit, I haven't had a Dunkaroo since I was like eight!). Lemme tell you, this was pretty fucking, spectacularly awesome in all it's crappy, processed food glory. I loved it.

I used no fat Fage yogurt, so my batch was super thick, and super fluffy and had to be wetted with milk. It came out with the consistency of fluffy canned frosting. So awesome.

(also, I used one half container Cool Whip to two cups yogurt and the whole bag of cake mix in case you wanted to make a HUGE batch to share...or eat with just one friend and make wedding invitations, just saying)

Serve it with graham crackers and strawberries and you will feel no pain my friends. No pain.

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So I've been reading "Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore", and really, the only thing I like unreservedly about it is its glow-in- the-dark cover.  I am shallow.

Also, I haven't had power since Monday, and I'm trying hard not whine and be a poop because having no power so much better than what could have happened, but it is hard. I would like there to be lights when I get home, but the power company keeps saying Saturday :(.

Once Upon A Time

I am so, so pleasantly surprised with ABC's show, Once Upon A Time. Oh sure, it's got its issues (really, everyhing boils down to twu luv?) BUT BUT, this is a show powered by female characters...almost exclusively, actually. And that is pretty damn refreshing.

Also, it is nice to have a show in which the villains are not fail and fully developed. I love me some Regina and Rumplestiltskin.


Been watching Rizzoli & Isles. I like it quite a bit for something that even my parents like.

I've also come to the conclusion that Maura Isles is the love child of Monk and Bones.

Which means I love her.

What I've read recently

I haven't been posting much lately, or commenting lately, although I assure you all that I am reading my flist religiously, I'm just sorta tired and mopey and don't feel like talking. I have also noticed that  I haven't posted about books in awhile, so here's what I've been reading:

Redshirts by John Scalzi

Like most of the rest of the interwebz, I liked this. I thought it was cute, clever, and funny. It was my first Scalzi novel and made me want to read more of his work because I think he is a skillful writer. I could have used a little more character development during the meat-and-potatoes part of the novel, but the meta about bad writing and what it means kinda made up for it. I also laughed alot, so I guess I didn't notice how little Dahl and the other ever develop as characters. HOWEVER, the three codas at the end make up for that. I was annoyed by them at first, but kept reading, and was glad I did because they helped turn a clever, silly novel into something sweeter with more depth. I was unexpectedly touched by the coda dealing with Jenkins and his grief. 

Magic Knights Rayearth Omnibus Edition Volume II by CLAMP

I really effing enjoyed this series. Shojo fantasy with girls and mecha? For it.

Flowers of Evil Volumes 1 & 2 by Shuzo Oshimi

I don't know exactly what I think or feel about this series yet. I have to read more, but I do find it compelling. I feel very, very bad for the main characters. Their loneliness and uncertainty are only reinforced by their isolation from others who are like themselves because they are part of such a small town.  I think Nakagawa mistakes her own sexual urges for pervesity (even though I don't think they are) because she has no one to talk to. She is cruel and a bully, but I think that this stems from a loneliness so profound that she isn't even aware of it. I think it is why she keeps trying to "take the skin off" so many people. Kusuga has the same sort of problem. He is on  a different intellectual plane than everyone around him and I don't think he realizes it, so it is easy for him to fall under Nakagawa's influence because he IS different and has no one of expressing it and mistakes Nakagawa's hang ups as his own. I feel very badly for both of these kids.

My Sweet Mexico by Fanny Gerson

ZOMG, BEST DESSERT COOKBOOK EVAR! I just want to make everything from this. All of it. It also has a recipe for conchas blancas which I am going to make tonight because I love Mexican morning breads. So many candies and goodness. Thank you Bailey, this was awesome.

Save the strawberries!

I awoke this morning to the significant other shouting outside. When I peeked through the windows, I saw him in his boxers in the driveway shaking a broom and shouting at a squirrel to get out of our strawberries. I love this dude.

I am a graceless cow...but that has not stopped me from bellydancing!

So, I've been working through the an instructional DVD on bellydance. And while I am having fun shimmy-ing and shaking....I am sure I look like a flailing mess.

Anywho, the video is quite awesome. Well, except for the instructions for the hand motions. Apparently the instructor and I have a very different idea of what "scraping frosting from the sides of a bowl looks like". When she does it, it apparently is very graceful and looks like excercise. When I do it, it involves a spoon, or maybe a silicon spatula thingy for maximum scrape-age.

I am very frustrated at my inability to master these basic hand movements.

Surprise, surpise...

Chinese man named Lee is an inscrutable killer, and Josie is involved with some sort of crime syndicate based in Hong Kong. I'm not even going to start with Tojamura (although I did call the he was a woman like the second scene s/he was in.).

Jeebus Twin Peaks, could you stick in one more Asian stereotype? I don't think you have enough.


Also, the actress playing the law clerk is one hot mama.